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Read my personal blog on the human condition, my business newsletter from, or my personal startup blog with practical tips and advice for founders!



I co-host the Inside Business podcast with Mac the VC; we provide founders with the information they need to navigate the early days of starting a business.



My books aim to help founders grow by providing them with practical step by step guides on everything from the startup mentality to term sheet clauses.

My blogs

My podcasts

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Building Out Loud Podcast

The Building our Loud Podcast is hosted by me and Mac Conwell, Limited Partner at Rarebreed Capital. Together we discuss the challenges faced by pre-seed and seed stage entrepreneurs.

Covering topics from hiring to fundraising; we provide actionable advise to help you make the best decisions as you build the next multi-billion dollar business.

How They Made It

In five minutes, I provide tips, tricks, insights, and stories from successful business-people and entrepreneurs.

This podcast cuts the bullshit, filler content, and time-wasting so that you get get the information you need to improve your life or business quickly and efficiently. Get inspired, motivated, and educated in just a few minutes a week.

My books

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