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Liam Gill

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Lawyer & Entrepreneur

Persuade Accelerator

Persuade Investors and Close Rounds

Get the information needed to:
✅ Organically grow your network
✅ Set up a process for closing deals
✅ Learn to communicate persuasively
✅ Tell your company's narrative

Next Cohort: Summer 2023 (July 7-28)

Application Deadline:
 June 27

Spaces Left:


Do I honestly believe I can make you better at persuading investors?

Yes! I am so confident that I offer a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. 

What exactly is this?

This is a 4-week program. Each week will feature a 2-hour group coaching session with me, assignments and meetups with other cohort members to practice concepts you learn. 

The Neuroscience of Persuasion : Understanding Investor Psychology

To start we will completely change the way you think about fundraising. 

Too often founders are too smart for their own good. You know your company so well that you forget to stop and think about how the investor is receiving your pitch. 

This first lesson is focused entirely on how investors receive information. Armed with this knowledge you will then be able to craft a pitch that lands correctly.


Who is this for?

This is NOT FOR:

  1. Anyone looking for a get-rich-quick scheme: This isn't some shortcut to wealth; it's advice on how to raise venture capital so you can spend years working hard to build something valuable.

  2. Buying Introductions: This strategy does not work. People who sell introductions have low-quality connections; these are not the connections my cohort members target. Members of our community will learn how to network and earn introductions to high-quality targets

If any of these describe you, then this is for you:

  1. You have a great idea and vision but can't get investors to see it. 

  2. You've raised before, but it took too much time and energy, and you'd love to get better at it.

  3. You can't seem to get the right connections with investors. 

  4. You aren't getting the deal terms you need to close investments. 

Currently Accepting Applications for Summer 2023

Get Your Application In While You Still Can!



0.1% equity


4 Live Group Coaching Sessions


Digital Copy of All Frameworks and Worksheets


Group Pitch Practice Sessions


Free 12-month Subscription to Persuade Community

5 Spaces Left



0.1% equity


Everything in Foundations


Submit your deck for written feedback


Personal Pitching Session 


Coaching-tier only networking group call


2 Spaces Left



0.2% equity


Everything in Foundations


Everthing in Coaching


1 day in-person coaching and dinner. I'll buy your flight (up to $400 round-trip), pay for a two-night hotel stay and rent out a workspace to spend a day working on your pitch before we go out for dinner!

1 Space Left

These prices don't include taxes (as applicable) and credit card fees (if you chose to pay by credit card).

100% 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


If you complete (and submit on time) every worksheet, attend every class, participate in all group sessions and still haven't improved your deck, pitch or communication skills, then send me an email, show me the work you've done, and show me the lack of progress. I'll refund you 100% of your money. 

To be clear, this isn't a promise that you will raise! 

I am 100% certain you will grow and learn from this course. Even if you don't raise, if you put in the effort and learn these skills, you will benefit for decades; this will be the easiest 10x investment you ever make.

Why Am I So Confident?

Untitled design (10).png

I'm Liam. This is my story:

17y old: Went to Law School 🎓

20y old: Raised $250k for my startup with just an idea while still a full-time student 💰

23y old: Managing Editor of Jason Calacanis' without any journalism background ✍️

24y old: Cold emailed a top startup lawyer and got a job working for them ⚖️


How did I accomplish all of this?

Until 2022 I had no idea, then suddenly, it all clicked!


My A-HA moment!

We were in the middle of a negotiation when my boss, one of the top lawyers in the city, silenced the room with a story. 

It seemed random... but slowly, as we built to the story's climax, I realized the main character, whom everyone in the room loved by now, was going through the same struggles as our client. 

Her story had persuaded the other side. 

As I heard this, I had flashbacks of sitting in on pitches where Jason would obsess over a company's narrative.

I realized both individuals were at the top of their industry because of their storytelling abilities

My Moat

After that moment, I realized my key skill all along had been my storytelling ability. I had leveraged this ability to persuade people that I was the right horse to back.

That is all fundraising is, telling a story that convinces VCs that you are the right bet. 

But... for me to teach others how to use this skill, I didn't just need to have it. I needed to be in the top 5 people in the world at understanding, explaining and applying the skill. That is why I've dedicated the last year to mastering the skill of persuasive storytelling by talking to neuroscientists, VCs, founders, investment bankers, lawyers and more.

Today, my clients and I have used my frameworks to raise millions while creating $100M+ in value. 

Finally... Persuade Accelerator

After starting to consult with founders online and sharing information on Twitter, I was flooded. I had way too much interest and not enough time to help everyone. 

So Persuade Accelerator was created. 

This is a structured way for me to teach cohorts how to persuade investors and raise funds without needing to break the bank. 


I'm unsure when I will raise; when is the next cohort?

I don't run the cohorts on a set schedule, so I'm unsure when the next cohort will be or how many people I will accept. I'd recommend applying now. It's never too early to learn the skills you need to persuade investors; you may even be able to use these skills to land a big B2B client and avoid dilution altogether. I'm teaching a really valuable life skill, and you won't regret learning them too soon. 

Can you introduce me to investors?

I don't offer paid introductions to investors. I have VC friends, and I respect their time and friendship. As such, if you have a company I think is a fit for them and they would be happy to hear from, I will make a connection as it benefits you, me and them. Conversely, if you aren't a fit for anyone I know, I won't be making any introductions. Instead, I'll teach you how to grow your network and get real hot introductions to VCs who actually want to invest in your company. 

Can you guarantee that I will raise money?

No. I guarantee that I will teach you a set of skills, making it significantly more likely that you will raise venture capital. I can't guarantee that your company will have success; I don't know if you have product-market fit or if you will ever be able to sell anything to anyone. There are some deficiencies that your company can't overcome. Even if your company does overcome those deficiencies, if you don't put in the work, apply what I teach and execute properly, you still won't raise. 0.7% of companies that pitch raise venture capital. Anyone who says they can give you a 100% chance is lying. 

Can I have a discount?

No. If you seriously can't afford to spend these prices, offering you a discount to entice you to join would be a disservice to you and your business. If $399 or $795 is so crucial that you can't spend that amount to increase your chances of raising $1,000,000+, then you are at a stage where every penny counts, a 50% discount shouldn't encourage you to spend money you don't have. If you are in a position where you think a discount would push you to buy, I'd recommend you sit down and calculate the cost/benefit of this course. 

Who can attend?

The person who is pitching your business can attend. That is often your CEO. If you want another founder to attend, please let me know in your application; if I feel that it makes sense for your situation, then that co-founder can attend at no additional cost. 

What equity am I giving up?

To keep the program's cost low, align my financial incentive with your business and show how much I believe in what I do, I take a small equity position in each company I work with. My equity position is taken in Stock Options. When you are admitted, you will sign a Simple Agreement for Stock Options that promises to issue options equivalent to 0.1% of the company's equity in the next week (if you have a stock option plan), after establishing a stock option plan or after raising. The goal is to give you the flexibility to issue the Stock Options when you are already going through that process with employees and other advisors so that this doesn't distract from your work. 

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