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Join the world's top fundraising course

Helping 1,000+ companies raise $1B+


Jimi Daodu

Founder & CEO @

Vault Hill ($2.1M Raised)

Liam has positively impacted the trajectory of my business. Personally, learning the art of persuasion and story telling has improved my success rate.



"Liam is a force multiplier for your fundraising efforts and will change the way you see the game. "

Yehong Zhu
Founder & CEO @
Zette ($1.7M Raised)

Join 1000+ companies learning how to leverage investor psychology to raise over $1B in 24 months.


Go from being confused, told you're too early and wasting months raising to getting funded so you can focus on growing your business!


Basics of Fundraising

1. Finding the perspective from which your company has $1B+ potential

2. Understanding the financial pressures on VCs and how to take advantage.

3. Alternatives to Venture Capital

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Investor Psychology

1. Understand the three parts of an investor's brain and how to communicate with each one.

2. Adopt the mindset needed to position yourself as a prize and stand out from others.

3. Control social interactions with investors using social frames.

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Building Your Fundraise

1. Build a clear process with strict deadlines to create FOMO around your company.

2. Learn how to network and communicate with investors to book more meetings.

3. Build a strong digital identity that encourages investors to meet with you

Pitch Like A Pro

1. The six core elements of any startup pitch and how to best communicate them.

2. How to tell a persuasive story that connects emotionally with investors and compels them to support you.

3. How to stop asking for money and instead present investment as a can't-miss opportunity for investors.

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Closing Rounds

1. How to turn more meetings into investments.

2. Understanding the main clauses in a term sheet and how to balance control and financial clauses.

3. How to negotiate your term sheet to get the best possible deal for your company.

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The course consists of:

  • 40+ video lessons

  • 10+ practical worksheets

  • Walk along guide to building your script and deck

  • Walk along guide to building your attention deck

  • Sample pitches

  • Sample pitch decks

  • Sample attention decks

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Unlock The Fundraise Operating System Today

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