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Investor Psychology Is The Key To Fundraising

Companies spend billions studying consumer psychology to make trillions selling to you and me. Why not do the same and study investor psychology to raise millions for your company?

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My Philosophy Has Help Clients Raise Millions!

Unlike other "pitch experts," I don't just share generic advice. My research (proven by the millions raised by my clients and me) shows that there are a few common themes in successful pitches:


Problem over Solution

Nobody cares about a solution if they don't understand the problem it is solving. I'll help you build a deck centred around the problem you are solving, getting investors personally attached to the problem and making them want to support your solution. 


Idea over Product

Many founders lose investors' attention when rambling about specific features. Investors are backing your business; they care about the idea and the vision, not the detailed product features. 


Strong Narrative

This doesn't mean you should just tell stories about yourself. It means that what goes into the deck and how you order it should all be decided by the story the deck as a whole tells. Your pitch is like a show; it needs to have an overarching narrative. 


Social Dynamics

A pitch isn't a movie. It's social interaction. You need to be aware of how investors are reacting and adjust accordingly. If you don't understand the social dynamics of the room, you are leaving to chance the most important aspect of your pitch. 


Black Swan

Each company has a black swan, an idea that if investors believe, they will be 100x more likely to invest. For Airbnb it's that people would stay in a stranger's house. If investors didn't believe that, they would never invest. You must find your black swan and discretely hammer home that idea during your pitch. 

Over 50% of Clients Raise In Under 12 Months

Industry average is 0.7%

Learn From Liam


Self-Paced Course

Learn investor psychology and how to leverage it to craft a persuasive pitch. Included worksheets and templates help you easily apply winning strategies to your raise.

Strategy Call

Feeling stuck? Book a 1:1 strategy call with Liam and get the clarity, insights and advice you need to move forward in the right direction. 

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1:1 Consultancy

Want me to personally help you craft your narrative, pitch, cold emails, etc.? If you qualify for my 1:1 consulting, I will personally develop a custom plan for you. Pricing varies by company. The minimum price is $5,000 + 0.1% equity. 


Jimi Daodu

Founder & CEO @

Vault Hill

Working with Liam has positively impacted the trajectory of my business. Personally, learning the art of persuasion and story telling has improved my success rate.

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