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Stop Guessing.
Start Raising.

Fundraising is tricky. I help founders understand what triggers investors so they can create captivating pitches.


Many Great Startups Fail Because They Can't Pitch. 

Fundraising is tricky, especially when you don't know what to say and how to say it. 

I can help. 

I spent a year completing my Master of Science studying Venture Capitalists' psychology and decision-making. 

I used those skills to raise three rounds of funding for myself before going to work for investors. 


Especially in today's fundraising market, you need to stand out. Your knowledge of investor psychology will be your superpower. 

Over 50% of Clients Raise In Under 12 Months

Industry average is 0.7%


"Liam is a dynamic and insightful fundraiser who cuts to the chase. 

If you're looking for tried and true coaching on what strategies work and why, you won't regret working with him!

He's a force multiplier for your fundraising efforts and will change the way you see the game. "

Yehong Zhu
Founder & CEO, Zette

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Learn From Liam

Self-Paced Course

Learn investor psychology and how to leverage it to craft a persuasive pitch. Included worksheets and templates help you easily apply winning strategies to your raise.

Strategy Call

Feeling stuck? Book a 1:1 strategy call with Liam and get the clarity, insights and advice you need to move forward in the right direction. 

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1:1 Consultancy

Want me to personally help you craft your narrative, pitch, cold emails, etc.? If you qualify for my 1:1 consulting, I will personally develop a custom plan for you. Pricing varies by company. The minimum price is $5,000 + 0.1% equity. 

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Liam Gill.

Hey, I'm

I spent 47 months trying to raise funds for three different startups and failed.


For years I tried but could not get investors to see my vision. I felt frustrated with the vague feedback I was getting, angry with myself for the lack of success and lonely because my friends and family just didn't understand why I needed to make this work. 

Then I switched paths. I decided to go back to school, get my Master of Science and truly understand how the human brain works and what triggers investors to invest. 


I spend a year working with a VC, psychologist and marketing professor, analyzing over 700+ deals and decisions, including watching live pitches and getting immediate feedback from these experts. 

Armed with my new skills, less than one month after graduating, I had offers as high as $2M, valuing my company with no product, team or traction at over $10M. 

I had succeeded. 

Since then, I've raised three rounds of capital for my startup, worked for and with top investors, and become a lawyer specializing in venture capital/M&A transactions. 


The most important thing I've learned: 


You can't win a game you don't understand.


Jimi Daodu

Founder & CEO @

Vault Hill

Working with Liam has positively impacted the trajectory of my business. Personally, learning the art of persuasion and story telling has improved my success rate.

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