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Dr. Kelly O'Brien

Founder & CEO @ KAPSHURE

Thank you so much for taking the time to review my deck. I truly appreciate your feedback. I believe you have highlighted exactly what I need to communicate in my deck. 


Sahil Patel

Co-Founder & CEO @ BettorFantasy

Liam - thank you for taking the time to review the deck! I really appreciate the thorough feedback and especially the suggestion on how to craft a stronger narrative. You're emails on mastering prizing and trend stacking have been really helpful as I'm having investor meetings.

How I Help

Whether you are a first-time founder, multiple-time founder, mid-raise or just starting your fundraising journey, if you don't understand investor psychology, you are leaving your success up to chance. 

My 60-minute strategy call will help you avoid months of trial and error, saving you valuable time and runway. You'll walk away knowing how to move forward in the right direction. 

We can discuss...


Identify Problems With Your Pitch

Tired of hearing, "You are too early" or "Come back later." I'll translate what VCs mean and analyze the pitch myself and to give you real and actionable feedback.


Strategies To Get VC Meetings

Feel like you don't have the network to get in front of the right VCs? I'll show you (i) how to connect with more VCs, (ii) how to convert more cold email and introductions into meetings.


Craft Narratives For Your Business

Let's find the best narratives to pitch your company. Whether you want to appeal to an investor's morality, emotions, greed or logic I'll find a narrative for your business.


Insights To Improve Your Pitch

Feel like your pitch is just missing something? I'll help you restructure the pitch using my experience and insights into investor psychology increasing your chances of raising. 

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Franz Weathers

Founder & CEO of @ Upercart

I love that narrative and direction, it shows a bigger end goal and opportunity and how to get there. This is great feedback, thanks!


Brent Newton

Founder & CEO @ myOwl

Hi Liam! It was very helpful!.. you inspired me to completely overhaul my pitch deck ... I'm super happy with the new direction and feel it is a much tighter argument.

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Jacqueline Nuwame

Founder @
Minimal AB

I also want to tell you that your advise was bang on!


Wietske Helle

Founder @


Super helpful! I like how you make a story out of it.


Jimi Daodu

Founder & CEO @

Vault Hill

Working with Liam has positively impacted the trajectory of my business.


Rosie Williams

Business Development Manager @ Symplete

Thank you so much Liam that is truly fantastic feedback... We will definitely implement it.

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